Instead of trying: do it or leave it!
The sun doesn't think about whether or not it should rise: it just rises.

Our tensions, pains and illnesses are unsolved conflicts and repressed emotions. Our body is a perfect computer: it registers everything - every experience, every thought, every emotion. It is in our hands to use this potential or not.

You would like to change something...

You can feel that it is the right time for change.
You have a lot of ideas, wishes, visions, doubts, anxieties.
You don't know where to start.
Maybe you just lack the strength to change.

In my courses and seminars we learn:

- to understand our anxieties and pains
- to know ourselves and our emotions
- to detach ourselves from old patterns
- to practice what we learn in daily life
- to allow life to flow freely in us
- to find the form that is appropriate for the content

Our aim is not to fight against forces such as dis-ease, emotions and unpleasant situations, but to use their energy in order to heal and become whole. To achieve this one needs a clear consciousness of one's body that is rooted in the emotions and soul.

The better we know ourselves and the more open-eyed we walk through our daily lives, fully aware of what happens in them, the better we can detect the red thread that wends its way through life. We become conscious of our tasks and our vocation, and see how much we are connected to everything that happens in this world.

I use the following techniques to pursue these goals:

- listening to the body (yoga, massage)
- meditation
- creative work (shaping spheres, eggs and stars of soapstone, drawing mandalas, using shadow theatre)
- clusterings (allowing our subconsciousness to write)
- Schattentheater
- daydreaming (a way to know ourselves)

Who does this address?

- People who work with others
- People who wish to regenerate themselves or find new things within themselves
- People who want to recover from daily life, to find their own peaceful oasis
- People of all age groups and professions who wish to live their lives from within, according to their hearts
- People who would like to understand the networks of life and who enjoy solving their problems
- People who wish to restore harmony after disharmony
- People who wish to learn about a process that is no fixed procedure, since everyone's own heart defines it anew

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